"The two most important days in life are the day you were born and the day you discover the reason why.” – Mark Twain

Take the first step and talk with me about finding your purpose.

What does living a life of purpose look like? 

  • Success.  Purpose is professional rocket fuel - the unquenchable drive to achieve and succeed in living your purpose at work.  It allows you to bring your full creative self into your career, escaping the fate of the 71% of Americans who are not engaged at work (Gallup 2011).

    • Long life.  Dr. Patrick Hill of Carleton University discovered as a result of his longitudinal study on purpose and longevity that, "finding a direction for life, and setting overarching goals for what you want to achieve can help you actually live longer, regardless of when you find your purpose.”

      • Authentic partnership. Once you discover your purpose, you serve it first.  From this place, you call in a life partner right for you, cultivate the energy to get and stay in the best physical shape of your life, the skills to be emotionally articulate and the strength to set boundaries in, or end, relationships. 

        • Emotional and Cognitive Strength.  Purpose coaching is a strength-based transformation process, that yields in 4 months, what years of psychotherapy produces - deep knowledge of your gifts, intimacy with and acceptance of parental wounds, emotional fluency, and psychospiritual resilience meet fear face to face and remain centered, purpose-driven in every situation.
          • Peace of mind. Purpose work is equivalent to years of daily meditation.  By understanding your ego structure and the types of messages in your mental chatter, your chatter or monkey mind will begin slow, enabling you to reside in greater awareness and presence.  Purpose work expedites the realization of true peace, your Buddha-nature. 


          Purpose is the key to a life wherein the word "retirement" has no meaning, as you know your gifts, your reason for being here on this planet - there is much life to live and little time!  Living from purpose is to be on fire, to be fully alive in every aspect of life, to feel used up, to give our greatest gifts away to the highest good.  When we find and live from purpose, we know no bounds, and experience the ultimate in success, meaning, attraction, energy and engagement.   Take the first step and talk with me about finding your purpose.



          Your Journey to Purpose

          My name is Brandon Peele, and my purpose is you help you find and live from purpose.  I will work with you for 4 months and take you on a journey through your strengths and passions and the genesis of your personality.  I will help you connect with your soul's message - your purpose, and give you the tools to deal with fear and obstacles on the journey to a rich and rewarding life.  
          During this period you will experience multiple breakthroughs, multiple expansions in your experience of who you are, resulting in self-awareness, power, integrity, mindfulness, passion, attraction, fulfillment and confidence.

          What you get from 1-on-1 Purpose Coaching:

          • Your purpose.  Your purpose may show up as a distinct mission in the world, as a set of qualities you perfect, and/or a deep reverence for your unique journey.  Purpose doesn't necessarily mean you have to make a big life change, although many do, it merely means that everything in your life makes sense.  It means that you cultivate the greatest love, self-love.  Through purpose you will love yourself, your shadow, your teaching moments/failures and your journey in its entirety.
            • A partner on your journey.  You don't have to do this alone anymore.  Together, we'll journey through in-depth purpose revelation exercises, exploring the distinction between your ego and soul.  This shows up as a 60-minute 1-on-1 coaching call each week for 16 weeks, or until you find your purpose.  Take the first step and talk with me about finding your purpose.

                What you give:

                • In exchange for the joy of discovering your purpose, the psychological benefits of years of therapy and the mindfulness benefits of years of meditation, you pay $1,000/month for 4 months or $3,200 up front.  I'm committed to everyone finding purpose, so I offer scholarships and work-trade for those experiencing financial hardship.
                  • Your heart and soul to your sacred journey of purpose discovery.

                    How is Working With The EVR1 Institute Different?


                    • Experience. Helping my clients find purpose is my purpose.  I've been a coach in one form or another for 20 years, and have refined my method via dozens of transformational programs, retreats and trainings, as well as in graduate school (Columbia MBA) and working with start-up technology and Fortune 500 companies (Sony, Aol., Autodesk, Merrill Lynch).  I've led purpose programs at institutions such as Google and UC Berkeley, and over the last decade, I have refined a proven purpose discovery framework, one that guides you through the depths of your personal psychology, your ego, your fears and into your soul, uniting you with the lasting fulfillment of purpose. 

                    • Authenticity.  I care about helping you find your purpose, because I grew up without purpose being a part of my life.  It simply was not part of the Midwestern culture in which I was raised.  I struggled for over decade wondering why I was unfulfilled, even while succeeding at other people's definition of success - romance, career, abundance, travel, partying.  I know how empty the American Dream is, and found my way to a fulfilling life by discovering purpose.  I want to the whole world to share in this incredible joy.

                    • Approach. There are many purpose coaches, but only a few recognized as capable in soul discovery.  Most purpose programs deal only with the ego, the representative of your soul.  Dealing with the ego is helpful initially but yields only an approximation of purpose, a general direction, not the soul intimacy required to be fully on fire, ready to make big changes and anoint the world with your sacred Dharma, your purpose.  Through the methods I've learned from seasoned Dharma masters like Jonathan Gustin, Tim Kelley and Rod Stryker, I am capable of helping you understand and move past ego, so that you will have sustained intimacy with your soul, and receive its message, your purpose.

                      • Depth. Further, I am one of the few purpose coaches that helps you cultivate a broad perspective, setting your purpose in the context of your relationships, community, our species, planet and Cosmos.  I help my clients develop a planetary and Cosmic perspective, a perspective I've cultivated working on projects such as the Continuum Development Index of Human Potential, B+, and the Cosmic Citizenship Exam. 


                      Client Success Stories

                      I love doing this work.  I get incredible amounts of joy helping folks like these find their true purpose: 


                      "Brandon is a dedicated, professional, empathetic and enthusiastic coach, who guided me on my journey of finding purpose.  His guidance during this purpose work opened my eyes to a dimension I had not considered in the past. His style is gentle yet firm, and he held me accountable for all the personal work I needed to complete in between sessions. He is open to feedback, willing to share his own personal journey and I felt safe sharing my private journey with him.  

                      "The work we have done together has called me to look at my day to day life differently and propelled me to move forward in my career into uncharted territory. I left my career in healthcare administration and am glad to now to again consider myself a healer, to put my hands on people in their graceful and final transition as a Hospice Nurse.  I feel grateful and blessed to have had Brandon as my guide these past 4 months."

                      Helen P.

                      Age 58, Novato, CA



                      "Through Brandon’s coaching I was able to make tremendous changes in my life, which led to a much more fulfilling existence. By examining both my beliefs and actions, he guided me in questioning and eliminating all that did not truly reflect who I was. Not only did I discover my purpose in life, but I have been more passionate about living for that purpose ever since.

                      Brandon did not impose his own ideas, but was truly open to accompanying me on my journey of self-discovery. He is encouraging while challenging at the same time. My time in coaching with him was one of the most impactful periods of my life, which led me to confidently leave behind a business career in order to give myself completely to serving God and humanity as a Catholic priest."

                      Zack S.

                      Age 33, Rome, Italy

                      (more stories
                          Nothing would make me happier than to help you find your purpose.   Take the first step and schedule your free purpose consultation call.  After the call, you'll have a deeper sense of your purpose and how you can discover it as soon as possible.