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Introducing the Kai Zen Master

The Kai Zen Master (KZM) is an honor given to a living human who is at the forefront of holistic human evolution, the active protagonists in The Human Story.  Kai zen is a Japanese term meaning "continuous improvement for good"; it is a core value of EVR1.  In Japanese, kai has a breadth of meanings, but in this case refers to the Earth, manifestation, change, and Zen also has a number of meanings, but in this case refers to truth, liberation, purity.  Together they are the reconciliation of spirit and matter, of ideals and practice.  We apply the term Kai zen in the largest context, the continuous improvement of one's self and craft towards the purity of essence/soul and for the betterment of all of existence; it implies a deep self-awareness and cosmocentric identity, often accompanied by states of creative flow, compassion and mystic union.  

The Human Story is long, going back 200k years to the advent of our species, 4.5B years to the creation of our planet and 13.75B to the re/creation of the Universe.  Certain humans represent this majestic trajectory well.  Some may excel because of breadth of cognitive understanding they bring to their fields, some may excel because of the depth of soul they bring to their art or spiritual practice and some may excel because of their ability to lead us in realizing our highest ideals.  The Kai Zen Master thus represents wholeness, the joining of ideals and practice, in their embodiment or expression of Universal Truth and the breadth, purity, elegance and creativity exhibited in their work.

Kai zen is a term that is processive, in that it reflects an orientation towards, and active manifestation, of the greater good.  As such Kai Zen Masters are not held upon a pedestal of infallibility, but rather are accepted, foibles and all.  Indeed it is more often the case that those who rise to the top of their fields suffer from deep psychospiritual wounds, ones that are both rich in gifts and fraught with peril and vice.

The award, while long on merit, is short on reward.  It is comprised of a brief write up of that KZM's qualities and accomplishments posted on the EVR1 site.  Additionally, the KZM recipient will receive a small physical token, sent to them by EVR1, intended to further root their craft in the greatest good, the longest perspective and the deepest of meanings.


As you might imagine, the award is not the result of a rigorous selection committee, but of a quiet meditation by the founders of EVR1.  We ask the questions, "who is continually becoming the most complete and full self-expression of the Universe?"  "Who is writing The Human Story well?"  And then the answer comes to us.  Of course we make no assertion as to the superiority of our intuition or judgement, so we welcome your suggestions for the next Kai Zen Master.  Please send them to info@evr1.co