MOD Utility Bracelet ™


The MOD is a bracelet handmade of upcycled black leather and suede. It is MOD-ular and designed for makers and artists to MOD-ify.  It sports an adjustable stainless steel Omega clasp, nickel rivets, and steel screws and comes in two widths (1.5" and 2").  The MOD can be worn as is or treated as a platform for customization.  The screws enclose the three interior suede pockets as well as provide the anchor points for adding gear or art to the MOD. 

The MOD is designed with makers in mind, perfect for adding a watch, iPod Shuffle, Pebble, blue tooth Android device, GPS, tape measure, compass, light, or if you want to turn your geek up to 11, the MOD can be a platform for a wrist-mounted Arduino computer, kinetic/solar power source and other fun components like an OLED display, ultrasonic range finder or MP3 player.  A wrist-mounted interface is the perfect place to control other wearable technologies.  Are you a Maker? A hacker?


Video #2: A MOD modded with a solar flashlight and the Seiko 21-Jewel Automatic Watch

Video #3: MOD modded with a voice recorder and playback system by JC

Video #4: MOD Decked out for Burning Man

MOD DIY page - for customizing your MOD

The MOD is a platform to create wearable art and technology prototypes and as an enduring fashion item that changes with the times, your tastes and connected technologies. One bracelet for life - intended to reduce waste, empower each of us as makers/designers/artists and connect us with what is most important.

The three suede pockets are for keeping what is sacred to you - data, photos, documents, medicine, phone numbers, or emergency information.  Inside one of these pockets is a removable & updatable Micro SDHC card that contains humanity's greatest written works, aka the EVR1 Canon. The band is 1.5"/2" wide and 11" long.

MOD Features:

  • Black upcycled/scrap leather and suede, secured by steel screws, nickel rivets and adjustable Omega clasp.  The MOD fits most wrists, is adjustable and customizable.  It ships as is, as well as with a 21-Jewel Seiko Automatic Watch and leather bracket, OR with a silver coin and brass wire bracket.
  • EVR1 Canon - a broad selection of humanity's greatest hits, written upon an 8GB Micro SDHC card.  Additionally, all EVR1 customers have online access to the EVR1 Canon for reading, downloading, updating, etc.
  • The EVR1 Canon seal - protects the Micro SDHC card is made from material designed to withstand 950 PSI, 8,000 volts and temperatures up to 500F and electromagnetic radiation.  Each MOD includes 5 reseal kits, for downloading, updating, customizing and securing the EVR1 Canon.
  • EVR1 Community - exclusive online access to EVR1 community of adventurers/mystics from around the world, who share links, stories and wisdom on the nature of the human experience


The MOD is designed to be frequently customized and updated by you.  It will endure daily use and abuse.

Accessing the Wisdom

As a MOD owner, you can access this wisdom in two ways:

  1. The EVR1 customers-only Wisdom Locker.   The Wisdom Locker contains the full text versions of each of these titles, allowing you the ability to access the data online, as well as download it to other devices for storage, printing, etc.
  2. By removing the EVR1 Canon to retrieve the data on the Micro SDHC memory card.  Simply pull out the EVR1 Canon with needlenose pliers, cut the seal with a razor blade, remove the Micro SDHC Card and place into an Android phone or a PC or Mac, via a USB/micro SDHC converter.

EVR1 Terms of Use

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