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Speak No Evil is a leather and metal bowtie.  In the center, under the wire is an 8GB Micro SDHC card containing the EVR1 CanonSpeak No Evil is a functional bowtie, and also a meditation on right speech - truth in its broadest sense, to operate and speak from your highest self, your deepest understanding of reality and your biggest heart.  Wear it when your highest self is demanded.  


As a bowtie, with the EVR1 Canon in its center, it is placed upon the throat, known in Hindu philosophy and culture as the Vishuddha chakra.  This chakra symbolizes pure consciousness, creativity, eloquence, and perception.  When this chakra is blocked we experience death and decay, when it is open all negative experiences are transformed into wisdom and learning, fueling future success.

Speak No Evil Features:

  • 2 pieces of scrap leather, secured by wire.  The band is secured by snaps, and fits neck sizes 15 - 18".
  • EVR1 Canon - contained in the center of the bowtie.  The EVR1 Canon is a 8GB Micro SDHC card that contains humanity's greatest hits, which includes the US Army Field Survival Guide, the CIA World Fact Book, the entire Wikipedia corpus, a robust selection of how-to manuals (languages, math, farming, construction, bee keeping, hunting, fishing, etc.), the Eastern and Western literary canons, the world's sacred texts, and numerous essays from leading physicists, philosophers, psychologists and spiritual leaders.  All EVR1 customers have online access to the EVR1 Canon for reading, downloading, updating, etc.
  • EVR1 Community - exclusive online access to EVR1 community of customers/fans/mystics from around the world, who share links, stories and wisdom on the nature of the human experience


The EVR1 Canon contains humanity's greatest hits, the culmination of the 200,000 year-old human story, an interconnected weave of spirit and matter, art and science, mystery and certainty, faith and reason.


The works in this Canon are humanity's best, representing a library worth several thousand dollars.  If you skimmed the cream off the top of the internet, you would be left with the few GB that comprise the EVR1 Canon.


It is designed to wear on special occasions so that you operate from your highest self, tap into your deepest wisdom and only use right speech.

Accessing the Wisdom

As a Speak No Evil owner, you can access this wisdom in two ways:

  1. [Coming Soon] The EVR1 customers-only Wisdom Locker.   To be launched in 2012, the Wisdom Locker will contain the full text versions of each of these titles, allowing you the ability to access the data online, as well as download it to other devices for storage, printing, etc.
  2. By destroying the product and removing the EVR1 Canon to retrieve the data on the Micro SDHC memory card.  Simply cut the brass wire and remove the Micro SDHC Card and place into an Android phone or a PC or Mac, via a USB/micro SDHC converter.  Note: doing so destroys the product, so this should only be done in an emergency scenario.

Speak No Evil Construction, Care and Warranty

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